To apply to the Registry of Professional Vocational Evaluators, complete each of the steps listed below. If you have questions about any of the steps, please contact us.

Step 1:

Download and review the Guidelines for Professional Conduct.

Step 2:

Download and review the PVE Application Guide.  The Application Guide contains important information that will assist you with the application process; it also details the documentation requirements for each of the RPVE application Options.  It is strongly recommended that you read the entire Application Guide before proceeding to Step 3.

Step 3:

Download and complete the PVE Application Form.  Download and complete any additional forms that are required for the RPVE Option you have selected:

Review the application checklist for your selected RPVE Option; attach all required supporting documentation to your Application Form.  Send (email or mail) all materials to the Registry of Professional Vocational Evaluators.

Step 4:

Submit your payment.  Checks can be mailed with your application materials; payments can also be made online using the form below.

Submit Your Payment Online


Step 5:

Tell us what you think.  Help us to improve this application process by completing this short survey.  Thank you!